Venus in Gemini

Gemini Venus The old stereotype is that Venus here is indicative of fickleness in love. If the lot of marriage is here or Gemini is in the 7th house, then this may be the case because Gemini is bicorporeal. This bicorporeal nature tends to multiply the instances of whatever signification is expressed. In any case, variety in social life and romantic interests is usually supported, which also means that these individuals have a harder time settling down. These natives think that smart is sexy. If also angular, there is usually an interest in music and poetry.

In a diurnal chart, there is a greater attraction to public life. Connections between people are not as deep but tend to be more numerous. This is because the heat and dryness of the day creates distinctions in relationships asserting appropriate boundaries. Also, the heat creates higher levels of activity in social circumstances.

In a nocturnal chart, the relationships you have with other people are not as superficial or politically based. The cool and moistness of night lowers activity and creates connections, so your social circle will tend to be smaller and more intimate. These natives settle down with more ease than their diurnal counterparts.


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