Uranus in Gemini

Gemini Uranus This generaton probably has more than its share of geniuses. Uranus is the planet representing the higher mind and lightning fast insight according to modern astrologers. Gemini provides little contrast, being a sign associated with the intellect and wit because of its stewardship by Mercury. Obviously, not everyone born during this 7 year period will be ingenius, but if you have close conjunctions or aspects from personal planets in this sign, you are likely to have a special talent according to the nature of that planet. There were alot of talented electrical engineers born during the last transit of Uranus in this sign. When this generation grew up in the mid 60's, Uranus entered Virgo and the counterculture revolution was born, ushering in many unconventional thinkers. In general, this is a very unpredictable combination due to the mutable nature of Gemini and the instability that Uranus signifies.

In a diurnal chart, the hot and dry nature is amplified. Uranus will be operating more in accordance with its true nature. You may consciously allow for variety and change and may actively seek stimulating intellectual challenges.

In a nocturnal chart, the hot and dry nature associated with Uranus is muted to some extent, perhaps leading to greater stability. The mind may be more subject to associative thinking rather than analysis.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring