Pluto in Capricorn

Capricorn Pluto Pluto will enter this sign again in 2009 and stay there until 2025. Because Pluto is associated with generation and corruption, it would not be surprising to see the fall of many more governments and institutions than usual during this time. Since Capricorn is related to concern over the world at large there will no doubt be cries that the world is about to end. It won't end, but it may change drastically. There may be renewed concerns over the use of nuclear power and there may be a new nuclear threat at this time that we had not conceived of before. The outer planet transits of 2009 are strangely reminiscent of 1989 in which the early degrees of cardinal signs were active. There may be a push for a world government at this time to take over the chaos likely to be present. Those with close aspects from inner planets to Pluto in this sign will have strong leadership potential. The last time Pluto was here the USA declared independence from Britain, and Napoleon was born. Speculation upon differences based on sect is probably pointless for the same reasons as discussed before.


© 2001 Curtis Manwaring