Sun in Aries

Aries The Sun Mar 21 - Apr 20: In this sign the Sun is exalted, which means that the cosmic soul contemplates issues like individuality and leadership issues on behalf of the native more clearly. Because the Sun is choleric in temperment and Aries is one of the signs that initiate, there is little restraint in these individuals. They are aggressive and direct in expressing themselves. The creative energy and enthusiasm these individuals posess is a result of the Sun in this sign. In general they are highly competitive, seeking superiority, recognition, fame, and authority. Usually the Sun here, especially by day, indicates a desire to define onesself in a unique and forceful way.

In a diurnal chart this indicates leadership ability and a commanding presence and a fearsome countenance, especially if the Sun should be in the 9th or 10th houses. There is the potential for arrogance and excessive pride in onesself because the Sun, as principle of self-awareness, makes one conscious in ones abilities, which by being here are considerable. Aries by itself acts in order to become acquainted with itself, not really being self assured, yet. It is impulsive in nature, because it is a cardinal sign. These individuals like to initiate the start of projects but have a tendency to lack follow through.

In a nocturnal chart there is a higher degree of introversion or introspection because the Sun focuses the energy below the horizon which is invisible to the outer world. They are more thoughtful and considerate than their diurnal counterparts and have a greater appreciation for strategy and subtlety in manipulating an outcome. They generally are more diplomatic in dealing with others. They are more adept at understanding hidden motivations especially if the Sun has just set in the chart.


© 2000 Curtis Manwaring