Hellenistic and Medieval Chart Data Report

A lot of the delineations on this site go into great detail and I'm sure some of you will not be sure if something that is said here applies to you due to unfamiliarity with the terms and data that I'm using which are partially based upon Hellenistic era techniques. Transits provide a generalized background, but as Valens said, if a planet is not a time lord, then the transit is "mute" (i.e. - has little or no effect). There are several keys to knowing whether some astrological indicator is going to be potent or not and if so in what area it applies. That is the reason why I wrote the program Delphic Oracle; however most of you visiting this site are not in a position to pay $299 so that you can know what this site is explaining. Don't worry: you can still get the data from Delphic Oracle that you need so you can figure out for yourself what I have explained in these delineations. So I have created a report that has all of this information. All you need to do is supply accurate birth information (time of day to the minute if possible) and I will email Acrobat files containing the following:

  1. A JPEG image of the natal chart generated by Delphic Oracle.
  2. Preliminary Natal Analysis report for each of the 7 visible planets
  3. Universal Hermetic Report that shows what planets are trigon lords in your chart, what planet is most likely the Kurios and Oikodespotes (chart rulers)
  4. The Almutem Figurae of the chart (Medieval version of the chart ruler)
  5. List of degrees of Azmena, Bright, Dark, Smoky, etc according to Bonatti with table of essential dignities
  6. A full list of Lots (aka Arabic Parts) from the Hellenistic era sorted by zodiacal position with author (source) and formula.
  7. Eminence report according to Valens use of the trigon lords and the 4 lots (Basis, Exaltation, Fortune and Spirit)
  8. Circumambulation time lord report for the Ascendant (through the bounds and rays)
  9. Primary Directions for 360 years from birth using Alchabitius (mundane and zodiacal) with all Ptolemaic aspects
  10. Alfirdaria for 100+ years
  11. Decennials method general and subs for 100+ years
  12. Quarters of the Moon method general and sub periods for 100+ years
  13. Zodiacal Releasing from the lots of fortune and spirit for 100+ years
  14. Balbillus time lord procedure for 100+ years
  15. Annual Profections from the ascendant for 100+ years

Delphic Oracle is the only program capable of calculating all of these. This report will give you the data you need to understand my chart delineations. There is a glossary online to help you as well. The Preliminary Natal Analysis and Universal Hermetics report is unique to Robert Schmidt and he has given me permission to use it in Delphic Oracle (which is why it is not available in any other software).

 Hellenistic, Medieval Chart Data Report: $9.95 Quantity:   

You can either give birth info in the "Special Order Instructions" section of the order form, or email that info separately. Orders are usually processed within an hour (assuming it is daylight in the USA).



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